Girls’ Brigade

Girls’ Brigade


Girls’ Brigade meets every Friday evening and all girls from the age of 3 will be made most welcome!

The different sections and ages meet as follows:

Girls age 3 up to P4:                        Explorers             6:30 to 8:00pm

Girls in P5 to P7:                                Juniors                  8:00pm to 9:30pm

Girls in Y8 to Y10:                              Seniors                 8:00pm to 9:30pm

Girls in Y11 up to age 18:               Brigaders             8:00pm to 9:30pm

So what’s it all about?

Many people have an impression of GB that is very outdated; old-fashioned uniforms, white gloves, military-style marching and PE routines with very pointy toes! The reality could not be further from this……

It is imperative to us that GB is relevant to girls, their interests and issues they face daily and so in each of the sections we organise a programme of activities that is fun, useful and helps girls to explore and develop their gifts. Each activity falls into one of four main themes:

Spiritual, Educational, Service, Physical

So whether girls enjoy burning off some steam after a hectic week at school by playing volleyball or uni-hoc, prefer to chill out on a Friday night with a bit of relaxed jewelry making and a cup of hot chocolate, relish learning a new skill such as car maintenance, love to do their Mary Berry thing in the kitchen, or simply like to have opportunities to help others, they’re sure to find something at GB they will really enjoy, while making good friends and having fun with other girls!

Above all, GB is a Christ-centred organisation, where we want every girl to know that they are valued. Girls face so many challenges in today’s world and the pressure they experience to be successful, popular, and pretty, to name but a few, puts an inevitable strain on their self-esteem. It is our aim that girls will meet Jesus and discover that through having a relationship with Him, they can be complete in Him, that they are precious and accepted just as they are and through Him they will grow up to have really fulfilling, satisfying and useful lives! So it is a priority for us each night to spend time learning about Jesus and His ways. For the young Explorers and Juniors this will involve a Bible story followed by an activity or puzzle, while Seniors and Brigaders often like to discuss what they’re learning and apply it to their daily lives with the help of a weekly journal.

But why not come along on a Friday night, starting from 4th September and enjoy the GB experience for yourself? We’d love to have you!