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Trinity Choir leads the praise at Sunday services and we sing a mixture of traditional and more modern hymns.  (We are in the process of learning many new hymns)  Some of the modern praise is sung in unison but we like to sing in 4 parts when we can.  There are currently 28  members (aged 20’s to 80’s!) but we would love to have more, especially men.  Anybody with an interest in singing can join – you don’t need to be able to read music – just enjoy singing.  It would be great to see some younger folk join us, but age is not an issue.

Last year we drew up a vision for our choir, as printed below, and it pretty well sums up what we do.  You should note that we prayed for 3 members last year and got 6!  – prayer is powerful and we are praying for more.  Practices are on a Thursday evening at 8pm for 1 – 1 ½ hours from September to Easter.

Trinity Choir Vision

January 2013

  • Our praise will be worthy of, and acceptable to, God
  • We will enjoy our singing!
  •  We will inspire the congregation
  •  We will bring messages of comfort; hope; encouragement
  •  We will challenge the unsaved
  •  We will be enthusiastic
  • We will increase in numbers

We will achieve our Vision by:

  •  Prayer
    • Pray that our praise is acceptable to God
    • Pray for at least 3 new members ( but don’t limit God!!!)
    • Pray that people will hear and respond to our message
  • Being faithful in attending Sunday worship and Thursday practices
  • Singing with meaning and enthusiasm  (as appropriate)