Awaken Conference

Living as Christians under the influence of the drip, drip, drip of western secularism can take its toll upon our faith. It seems like living as a Christian is an uphill struggle and that can leave us tired, jaded and even cynical.

We need to catch a fresh vision of God and what he has done for us in Jesus and what he plans to do through us when we surrender to Him. The church needs to be regularly awakened from its complacency to the glory of God and the wonder of what God can do through lives on fire with love for Jesus.

Malcolm Duncan is from N Ireland and is now pastor in Goldhill Baptist Church. In summer 2014 he was one of the main speakers at New Horizon in Coleraine.

Worship led by Dave Dickinson


Be Inspired / Be Refreshed / Be Encouraged

Conference Schedule

Saturday 25th April

Session One
10am – Malcolm Duncan “Awaken to God’s Glory”
11am – Coffee Break
Session Two
11.30am – Malcolm Duncan “Awaken to God’s Kingdom Purposes”
1.00pm – Lunch Break (Bring your own food – Tea & Coffee provided)
Seminar Stream 2-3pm
Seminar 1 – Jane Butcher “Faith at Home”
Seminar 2 – Peter Lynas “Awakening to Faith and Culture”
Seminar 3 – Awakening to the Needs in our Community
Sacred Space – 2-3pm & 3-4pm in the Oasis
Take time out to rest and be refreshed in God’s presence as we reflect on what we have heard during the conference. This will be facilitated by Meriel Pinkerton who has much experience in leading retreats which encourage people to be still and make “space for God”. Meriel is a member of 1st Ballynahinch Presbyterian Church.
Session Three
7.00pm – Malcolm Duncan/Evening Worship
“Awaken to Passionate Following”
Late evening – Acoustic Cafe in the Oasis.

Sunday 26th April

Morning Worship – Malcolm Duncan will speak at the 9.30am and 11.30am services.

Seminar Speakers

Seminar Stream 2-3pm

Seminar 1 – Jane Butcher “Faith at Home”
Jane oversees the Faith in Home ministry for Bible Reading Fellowship. She will help us to awaken to our responsibility to pass on our faith to our children and how we might do that in creative and inspiring ways.
Seminar 2 – Peter Lynas “Awakening to Faith and Culture”
Peter Lynas is the Director of the Evangelical Alliance Northern Ireland. He will be unpacking some of the things we hear and read about in the news, awakening us to live in faith with Christ at the centre of our lives and in the midst of the very culture of which we find ourselves a part.
Seminar 3 – Awakening to the Needs in our Community
This is an opportunity to hear of the needs in our community which we often readily ignore or do not believe exist. We will hear a panel of speakers with experience in the issues of poverty, substance abuse and ethnic minorities.

The panel consists of Margaret Dempster, Leigh Stewart and Ivy Goddard.

To download the Awaken Leaflet, click here.